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The vacuum unit consists of a vacuum pump which is driven by a petrol or diesel engine or a hydraulic motor. The vacuum unit is supplied with a capacity of 40m3or 100m3.

The vacuum unit generates its vacuum by means of a vane pump. The advantage of a vane pump is that is has a fixed throughput, and operates reliably with low noise.

The petrol unit is driven by a Kawasaki engine, which runs the pump via a V-belt. This unit is started manually with a pull cord. It is possible to mount the vacuum unit on a shovel or forklift by using the pallet opening.

Petrol unit 40 m3/h 120 kg
Hydraulic unit 40 m3/h 50 kg
Hydraulic unit 100 m3/h 75 kg
All units feature a Busch vane vacuum pump.

The vacuum pump is connected by means of a vacuum hose to one or more suction cups, which are attached firmly to the object to be lifted by suction. By this means it is possible to lay items like kerb stones (including Dutch Public Works types), Stelcon plates, driveway blocks and paving slabs.

For hire purposes, the unit can be suspended in a frame e.g. on the back of a Knikmops minishovel. The lifting eyes above and below ensure that the unit can easily be hoisted with a crane. Due to the petrol unit’s separate power source, it is easy to swap it between different machines.

Using the 11- and 12-tile suction cup unit, 11 30 x 30 slabs in stretcher bond can be lifted and/or laid at once.

The suction cup unit in photo 1 features alignment frames on four sides so that correct abutment of the slabs is guaranteed. The unit in photo 2 does not have the frames and is mostly used for demolition work.

The tile suction cup unit must be used in combination with a vacuum unit + rotator, and possibly a telescopic arm. This is necessary if this unit is mounted on a Knikmops.

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