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Levelling tray model Geens

The equalizing system was developed by the Geens Bros and is a tool that is easy to operate. The equalizing system can be used to scrape between 2 edging blocks. When scraping between 2 edging blocks you can also set the equalizing system to a flat, convex or concave setting. A spring steel slat which is pre-set to the correct height can be used to scrape in between 1 edging block and 1 side in the bedding. Consequently it is also possible to scrape bedding in an area without edging blocks. This is effectuated using 2 spring steel slats.

The equalizing system can be fitted to the Rollmops 4x4 and the Knikmops as well as to similar machines. The wider the equalizing system, the more powerful the machine has to be in order to pull the equalizing system.

MB 97        97 - 170 cm

MB 122    122 - 220 cm

MB 170    170 - 300 cm

MB 300    300 - 520 cm


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