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Sawdust Tray with transport belt

This spreader is developed to distribute types of bedding that are heavier and more difficult to process such as horse manure or a mixture of chalk/water/straw. The container has a special shape so the bedding moves down easily. The two separately powered metering rolls have heavy duty hydraulic powering that prevent clogging. The spreader can process sawdust, crushed straw, chopped straw, compost, green bedding, horse manure, lime and a mixture of lime/water/straw (with the exception of the KSS 2500).
For processing dry box compost, pure lime and straw pellets the optional adjustable bottom plate is required.


  • Discharges to the left and to the right
  • Hardox blade and wear strip
  • One double-acting valve required
  • Metering rolls with heavy duty hydraulic motors
  • Hydraulic motors with flexible couplings and relief valve
  • Two big metering screws at the bottom of the container
  • Conveyor with sealed edges and scraper
  • Rubber covered drive- and second roller
  • Up from KSS 1800 standardly equipped with heavy duty three-layer PVC conveyor
  • Finishing: two-layer powder coating

  • Adjustable bottom plate
  • Hydraulic speed control of conveyor on the left or on the right
  • Hydraulic speed control of metering rolls
  • Manure scraper under the bedder


425 / 605 kg


1300 / 1800


750 / 1800 liter

Drive hydraulics

35 / 40

Output work hydraulikcs

175 bar




350-1071 / 350-1072
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