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Sweeper Adler


The working widths ranging from 135 cm to 270 cm and the multi-functional intake system allow it to be optimally adjusted to your carrier vehicle. We’ve developed and tested every type of mounting system for you whether it’s on a tractor, farm loader, wheeled loader, forklift truck or telehandler load lugger.

Thanks to our modular system, you can also re-fit your ADLER K 600 at any time with a large range of accessories. These include a hopper with a shaker-mechanism, side brushes or a water spray system.

These allow you to enhance the sweeping performance, so that it meets your expectations perfectly.

protects your hydraulic drive


  • Hydraulic pivot mechanism for flexible simple sweeping
  • Large capacity hopper with wear-resistant sweep edge and hydraulic emptying as a standard feature
  • The hoppers are all fitted with hydraulic simple sweeping mode
  • Third support wheel for improved ground contour adjustment
  • Water spray system (120/240 l) for dust control during sweeping
  • Side brushes for sweeping edges, perfect for sweeping gutters
  • Reinforced heavy-duty castor wheels Ø 250 mm x 80 mm
  • Internal hydraulic motor
  • Flow control valve 1″ for hydraulic fluid volumes greater than 75 l/min.
  • Side-marker lights LED
  • Customised colour as p


  KM 100 KM 130/180/250  KM180/250   KM250
Working width straight/ tilt (cm) 135/127 150/141 180/169 210/197
Total width (cm) 166 181 210 240
Brush diameter (mm) 600 600 600 600
Gewicht without and with bucket (kg) 290/378 320/413 345/448 370/472
Volume bucket (Liter) 191 212 255 297
350-00751 350-0073 350-0074
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