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straw spreader Flingk

he SVV straw spreader ensures a quick and easy way to distribute straw. The machine grabs the bale. The strings are removed and can be rolled up by means of a winding system. Before the distribution starts, the machine tilts backwards so the bale is in a vertical position. Two distribution rollers pull the straw apart and discharge it at the bottom. Optionally a conveyor can be mounted to discharge to the left or to the right. It is also possible to mount two discs to put the bales across in width.

  • Separately powered distribution rollers
  • Hydraulic motors with flexible couplings
  • Automatic diverter valve when straw gets stuck
  • Maintenance-friendly machine, few rotating parts
  • One double-acting hydraulic connection required
  • Drain line on motors
  • Finishing: two-layer powder coating
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