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Probst HVZ uni2 layer grip

The HVZ-UNI is the consistent development of the HVZ which is proven in several thousands of units. Even more universal in use, more robust in design and more easy to adjust this device incorporates the experience of 2 decades in mechanical installation. It can be used in conjunction with a mini-loader as well as other carriers which provide two hydraulic circuits to operate the clamp. All advantages of the HVZ are integrated in the HVZ-UNI 2.


  • High tensile materials and innovative design reduce the weight of the HVZ-UNI-II to 220 kg
  • Main gripping width can be set much more easily via a spindle with integrated spring assembly instead of the previous chain centring method
  • Significantly increased displacement force for problem-free movement of undentated pavers* into the running bond (3 x greater than with the HVZ-UNI)
  • New suspension – enabling the clamb to hang with less movement
  • Equipped as standard for operation with 2 hydraulic circuits
  • With ADV pushing-off device as standard
  • Main Gripping Width W mm (in): 580 - 1,260 (23 - 50'')
  • For paver thickness mm (in): 50 - 160 (2 – 6¾")
  • Side Gripping Width L mm (in): 960 - 1,440 (38 - 57'')
  • Working Load Limit WLL kg (lbs): 400 (880)


220 kg


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