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Wide spreader Flingk

The Flingk BS full width spreader is particularly suited for distributing a fine layer of sawdust/wood shavings, compressed straw pellets or peat in poultry houses. The spreader has two distribution discs that spread the bedding over a width of up to six meters. The supply to the distribution discs happens with two screws that move around sufficiently in the container. The quantity can be adjusted by means of two adjustable openings above the distribution discs. Next to the distribution discs are adjustment plates to adjust the distribution over the width precisely, regardless of the type of bedding that is processed. The spreader distributes the bedding very precisely in order to create the perfect bedding for your poultry.


  •     Suitable for distributing sawdust/wood shavings, compressed/broken straw and peat
  •     Two distribution discs, separately driven
  •     Two screws with serrated edge
  •     Manually adjustable distribution
  •     One single-acting or double-acting hydraulic connection required
  •     Hardox blade and wear strips
  •     Hydraulic motors with flexible couplings and relief valves
  •     Finishing: two-layer powder coating in order to create the perfect bedding for your poultry.
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